Her Brother’s Girlfriend Insulted A Housewarming Gift She Made All On Her Own, But Then Acted Upset When She Didn’t Make Her A Handmade Present Because of It

evrymmnt - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

For two years, this 17-year-old girl has loved pottery.

Over the last year, she even won two pottery competitions, so she obviously is quite skilled.

She has three older brothers, and all of them are in relationships. Two of her brothers (the two younger brothers of the three) moved in with their girlfriends not too long ago.

“As a housewarming gift, I made them a vase, a set of two cups, and saucers. I put a lot of work into those gifts, and they are personalized based on my sisters-in-law’s favorite colors and designs,” she said.

Her brothers and their girlfriends were thrilled and very appreciative of the gifts. One of her brother’s girlfriends asked if she could make something for her sister, and she said she’d pay her for it.

“Both times, my oldest brother’s girlfriend made snarky comments about how my gifts were cheap and ugly,” she explained.

However, she pointed out that she is still in high school and doesn’t have a job.

In response to her brother’s girlfriend’s rude comments, she told her that she put a lot of hours into making these gifts. But her brother’s girlfriend then said that it would’ve been a better idea to just give them cash instead, and she added that the amount of time she spent making something doesn’t really matter.

Understandably, she was hurt by this, and her other sisters-in-law stood up for her and said they loved the gifts she made for them.

evrymmnt – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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