Her Ex Ended Up With The Girl He Cheated On Her With, But Now He’s Saying He Wants To Be With Her And Also Wants Her To Have His Kids

nicoletaionescu - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her ex split up four years ago, and their relationship was pretty toxic. When things were going well between them, it was wonderful, but when things went south, it was truly awful.

Back then, her ex informed her he never wanted to get married or have children, but those were things she really wanted in life.

“Anyway. He cheated on me with the girl he’s currently seeing, and they’ve been together ever since,” she explained.

Her ex also purchased a home at the beginning of the year with his new girl, and as for her, she is happily married.

She and her husband have two young children together, and while she would not characterize her marriage as perfect by any means, she loves her life.

Pretty recently, she was surprised to hear from her ex. He sent her a message to say that he is completely unhappy in his new relationship, and he even listed out the reasons as to why that is.

“She isn’t what he had hoped she’d be, and it seems like he’s more her caretaker than partner,” she said.

“He’s said some pretty vile things, and I do feel sorry for her a little bit. He’s repeatedly told me that he wants me to have his children. He wants us to get married and have kids together, how he’d be a stepdad to my children, etc.”

“I honestly don’t know how to feel. At first, when he was telling me how miserable he was, I reveled in his misery.”

nicoletaionescu – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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