Her Husband Constantly Asks For Her Input On Decorating His Man Cave, And She’s Not Sure How To Tell Him She Doesn’t Care

ysbrandcosijn - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 25-year-old woman’s husband, 27, asks for her input on his mancave and his collection of decor for his mancave constantly.

While he’s taken a lot of time, put in hours of work, and has spent a decent amount of money on creating the perfect mancave, she doesn’t feel as passionate about it as he does.

“He’s always asking me for opinions on how to arrange and which piece to buy next and asking me to come in and take a look to help map it out,” she said.

Even though this seems pretty harmless, her husband’s timing is unfortunately not the greatest. Most often, he asks her for her thoughts when she’s busy working on something, and he acts as if he needs her help urgently. He seems to assume that she should stop whatever she’s currently working on so that she can go into his mancave and give her ideas for how he could change things up.

Over time, she has gotten irritated and has said to him that since this mancave is his space, with collectibles that he is purchasing, it’s his world, and she doesn’t really have any opinions one way or the other on how he chooses to decorate it.

Also, her husband does something similar to her in regard to her love of cooking.

“I’m a passionate foodie and cook every night and ask him what he wants to eat and occasionally try to plan out meals for the week. His opinion is that food is fuel and has often expressed his belief that cooking is dumb, and we should have robots doing it for us,” she shared.

Sometimes, her husband feigns interest and asks her food-related questions. Plus, she is, once in a while, intrigued by her husband’s mancave decor ideas.

“He’s a confident man, but I feel the confidence sometimes dips into arrogance, and he gets a little selfish,” she continued.

ysbrandcosijn – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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