Her Husband’s Cousin Became Enraged When She Told Her She Can’t Stay At Their House To Give Birth

Nelly - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her husband live in America and have been married for the last 15 years.

He has a cousin who lives in another country, and she wants to give birth in America to ensure that her child is born an American.

His cousin’s hope to have her baby in the United States doesn’t have anything to do with her financial standing. She is actually quite wealthy.

She and her husband are close with this cousin, as well as a few of his other cousins. About once a year, they travel to visit his cousins for a week. His cousins visit them much more frequently, making the trip every three or four months and staying for a few months on each visit.

“The cousin’s husband has gotten it in his head that now that she’s pregnant, it would be great to have an American-born child. Both my husband and I know this means they intend to come and give birth here at our home,” she said.

Since she and her husband are child-free, allowing this plan to come to fruition sounds awful, in her opinion.

Unfortunately, because his cousin has a maid to care of her home, she isn’t used to cleaning up her own messes, cooking food, doing laundry or dishes, or anything at all around the house. Whenever his cousin visits them, she is the one who has to clean up after his cousin constantly.

The idea of allowing his cousin and her baby to stay at their house for upwards of six months is daunting. She isn’t thrilled at the idea of being the one cleaning a newborn’s diapers or making food and cleaning up after his cousin, who is an adult fully capable of being able to do these things herself.

In response to this idea being floated around, she told her husband that she wouldn’t allow his cousin to stay at their house for the birth of her child, and afterward, he was furious with her refusal. He told her that he always wants to say yes when anyone in his family needs help.

Nelly – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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