Her Mom Asked Her To Give Her $15,000 To Fund Her Wedding, And When She Said No, Her Mom Started Sobbing

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This 29-year-old woman’s mother, 56, got engaged to Joseph, 59, four months ago. While she thinks that Joseph is a somewhat decent man, they don’t see eye-to-eye on a few crucial subjects.

She and Joseph have different political views, but she does her best not to hold those against him. However, Joseph also behaves differently and doesn’t respect others’ boundaries.

“By boundaries, I mean calling before coming to see me and my family and not making controversial jokes. One joke he likes to make a lot is how I’m a gold digger because my husband is the breadwinner and makes double my income,” she said.

When Joseph first started making this joke at family gatherings, she chose not to respond in these moments. Instead, she’d text both Joseph and her mother after the fact to tell them that she felt offended by him saying this in front of people.

Not only did she feel like it was obviously rude of Joseph to say it in the first place, but it wasn’t even accurate. Ironically, she made more money than her husband when they first started dating.

Through text, Joseph would act as if he saw her point of view and would be taking it to heart. However, in person, he didn’t change his behavior at all and kept making these jokes.

“Since they got engaged, my mom has been saving money for their wedding. Joseph also has, but not as much as my mom since he says, and I quote, ‘Weddings are just something to make your wife happy, and no husband actually likes them.’ I’m not sure how my mom hasn’t seen this as a red flag,” she explained.

Because it’s not her business, she never said anything to her mom about Joseph’s concerning opinion in regard to weddings.

Recently, her mother texted her that her wedding was soon, and she asked when she was planning to contribute money towards it.

nastasenko – illustrative purposes only

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