Her Mother-In-Law Accused Her of Looking Down On Her Husband’s Family And Having An ‘Elitist Attitude’

“Eric’s brother said that Eric and I were the humblest people she knew. She said that she laughed at that because she didn’t think Eric was humble,” she explained.

“In fact, she said none of their family members were. My mother-in-law added, ‘I mean, of course, none of us are humble. How could we be humble? We’re all a little bit pretentious, honestly. Of course, we don’t mean to be, but we simply can’t help it. We don’t have many reasons to be humble, and you don’t either, Eric! That’s why I found that so amusing.'”

Even though she’s always known that most of Eric’s family has a tendency to be conceited, her mother-in-law’s words stunned her. While his family is happy and comfortable, she wouldn’t consider any of them to be rich or have intensely competitive careers.

Her mother-in-law is a teacher, while her father-in-law is a pastor at a tiny church. Her in-laws own a pretty small home in an unsafe area right outside a large city.

She doesn’t have an issue with any of these things at all, but she doesn’t see where her husband’s mother gets her arrogance from and why she thought Eric being humble was so laughable.

“I responded, ‘What do you mean? I think Eric is very humble. What are you pretentious about?’ My mother-in-law literally SCOFFED and said, ‘Well, we just appreciate the finer things in life! Particularly the arts, literature, things like that. We’re sort of intellectuals, and Eric certainly takes after us! Perhaps he just hasn’t shown you these worlds yet,'” she shared.

Understandably, she was irritated that his mother-in-law was hinting that she didn’t think she was an “‘intellectual.'” She also couldn’t stand her mother-in-law’s snooty tone.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time that her husband’s family members have made unfair assumptions about her over the years. Several times, they’ve told her that she sounds “‘common'” because she has a Southern accent.

Her mother-in-law’s comments touched a nerve this time, and she couldn’t hold back.

“I smiled and responded, ‘Oh, those are just common interests! That’s great! I don’t think y’all have anything to be pretentious about!'” she continued.

Her mother-in-law wasn’t too thrilled with this comment, and she didn’t have much to say before she got off the phone not too long after.

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