Her Stepmom Is Calling Her Selfish For Not Allowing Her Stepsister To Come On A Special Trip She Goes On With Her Dad Every Year

Monkey Business - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 15-year-old girl’s mom and dad split up when she was a toddler, and not long after that, her dad instantly got married again to her stepmom, Dora.

Dora has a daughter a year older than she is, named Sam, but Dora and her dad did not go on to have kids of their own together.

Sam quickly formed a close relationship with her dad since her own dad was never a part of her life.

Her dad does treat Sam like she’s his daughter, but she does not like Sam at all and is not close to her in the least.

She spends Friday night through Monday morning with her dad, Sam, and Dora, and the rest of the days, she stays with her mom.

So, her whole dad’s side of the family is really into nature and the great outdoors, and they all do activities together related to this.

Sam is always included, and she simply ignores her when they do have these family trips. Her dad, grandad, and aunt always invite her along for a very special treasure hunt every year around Christmas, and it’s something she absolutely adores.

This time of year is the only time she can have her dad all to herself since Sam constantly demands his attention when they do go on family trips, and she gets brushed to the side.

Around the time of her 10th birthday, her dad asked her if they could invite Sam on this special trip, and she said no.

Monkey Business – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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