His Girlfriend Has Been Wasting And Messing Up The Food He’s Been Cooking Or Bringing Home With No Remorse

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever lived with someone who had bizarre eating habits?

It’s understandable if you need or want to modify your meals occasionally by adding or taking out an ingredient, but butchering a meal or food item someone bought for you can just be downright rude.

One man is at a loss for what to do after his girlfriend’s been wasting and messing up the food he’s been cooking and bringing home with no remorse.

He’s 28 and lives with his 24-year-old girlfriend. He grew up in a household where his family members were always grateful for any food on the table. He hardly ever recalls any of the food from his childhood being bad, but even if he wasn’t a big fan of it, he wouldn’t do anything to modify it.

However, his girlfriend has totally different eating habits.

“I love her very much, but sometimes she does strange things to food that, for whatever reason, I can’t explain, make me just feel unappreciated,” he said.

“For instance, I bought protein bars coated in dark chocolate. I shared them with her. Later, I saw a bunch of them ‘naked’ in a plastic bag. She’d cut off the coating and leave the center. She said she doesn’t like the center, but the chocolate is tasty.”

When he told his girlfriend she should try buying herself some plain dark chocolate bars to keep around the house, she said no, that she liked the specific kind of chocolate on the protein bars. She then told him he could still eat the center of the protein bars when he really wanted to eat them as they were intended to be eaten.

Another instance that made him upset was when he made them a fresh chicken curry for dinner the other day. He had made it for his girlfriend in the past, and she liked it. But after he finished cooking the meal, he saw his girlfriend take the cooked pieces of chicken out of the dish and wash them off in the sink.

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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