His Wife Bought Him A $2,000 Pen As An Anniversary Present, And It Makes Him Feel Weighed Down To Have To Take Care of Something So Nice

BestForYou - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 40-year-old man and his 39-year-old wife just celebrated their 10-year anniversary, and not that long ago, he had made a comment to his wife about wanting to pick up journaling again sometime in the near future.

Well, his wife took that little comment he made, and she picked out an anniversary gift based on that.

“…She thought a timeless pen and a nice journal would be a great way to support that goal,” he explained.

“As much as I appreciate the lovely gesture, a $2,000 pen (!!!!) is not really something I want or think I would use, and to be honest, more than anything, I feel burdened by having such a nice thing that I will have to keep in a safe place, maintain, etc.”

“I know this was an expression of generosity and love to go over the top to get something luxurious and frivolous that I’m way too practical to get myself. Her perspective, which I generally agree with, is that the best gifts are things that the other person would appreciate but never get themselves.”

When he did open up his anniversary gift, he couldn’t hide the fact that he was not super excited to have it.

He was appreciative that his wife had tried to do something generous for him, but that was overwhelmed by his worrying about actually getting any use out of such an expensive pen.

His wife did say that they could exchange the pen for something he wanted more, but he could clearly see his wife didn’t mean it and hoped he would keep the pen she picked out.

“As much as I like some nice things, I just don’t think I’m the sort of person who values a luxury pen,” he said.

BestForYou – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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