His Wife Got Mad At Him For Going On Vacation Without Her, But He Said He Didn’t Want To Lay Around At Home And Be An Old Person Like Her

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This 54-year-old man has a wife who is six years his senior. Now, he still leads quite an active life and loves to go hiking, skiing, and scuba diving.

His wife used to adore doing all of these things by his side, but she’s been really slowing down lately.

His wife is more interested in “being a grandma,” as well as watching TV, reading, or gardening.

“I love being a grandpa,” he explained. “But I like taking my grandchildren out to the pool or the park. I do play games at home with them as well.”

“My wife says that she doesn’t want to do the things we used to do anymore. She says she doesn’t have the energy anymore.”

“I don’t mind doing them on my own. For example, this last winter, she got to stay at the hotel, the chalet, and the town while I went skiing. This summer, she didn’t want to come down to the Caribbean to go scuba diving.”

He really wished his wife wanted to come on vacation along with him, but she refused. She said she had to stay home to help out more with their grandkids.

He told his wife that he completely got that she wanted to be helpful with their grandkids, but he was not going to let that stop him from going on vacation.

So, he did go on vacation. Alone. And his wife stayed behind at home. After he did return from his trip, his wife was furious and called him a jerk for going away without her.

icemanphotos – illustrative purposes only

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