She And Her Husband Wanted To Be There When Their Baby Tried Different Foods For The First Time, But Her Mother Kept Disrespecting That Boundary

inna717 - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This woman and her husband have a baby girl who is just 6-months-old. And recently, she’s been very upset with her mother– who has been letting her baby try foods for the first time without even letting her or her husband know.

She realizes that, to some people, the fact that she cares so much might seem overboard.

“But my husband and I literally talked about how exciting it would be for us to see her try her first foods,” she said.

In fact, they even planned to talk to their daughter’s pediatrician soon and take an entire weekend to start giving their baby new foods based on the doctor’s recommendations.

So, she shared this plan with her parents and her in-laws, yet her mom blatantly disrespected her wishes.

Just yesterday, she caught her mom handing her daughter a half-bitten apple.

“I also saw a half banana on the kitchen counter,” she recalled.

Rather than losing it, though, she very nicely asked her mom to let her and her husband know whenever feeding her baby new foods.

“My husband and I want to be there for special moments like these, and also, please ask permission first,” she added.

inna717 – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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