She Asked Her Mom To Save The Last Two Pieces of Her Wedding Cake Because She And Her Husband Barely Got To Try It, But Her Mom Gave The Dessert To Her Sister 

olegparylyak - illustrative purposes only

This 32-year-old woman just got married last week. And when it came time for everyone to eat cake, she and her husband started sharing a small piece.

However, they were just so busy saying hello to everyone that they didn’t get to enjoy much of the dessert.

“And honestly, we were not very hungry after a big reception,” she added.

But, her wedding planner was kind enough to put some leftovers, as well as two slices of the cake, in her and her husband’s hotel room. That way, they could enjoy some food together later on.

It just so happened that a ton of guests from other countries attended their wedding, though. So, before she and her husband started showing them around, she gave the leftovers to her mom and asked if they could be kept in the fridge.

Well, once they returned to her mom’s home after driving the guests to the airport, she found out that her mom didn’t follow her instructions.

“I hope you don’t mind. I gave the cake to your sister,” her mom told her.

She did really mind, and she pointed out how she and her husband had barely even tasted the dessert.

“And I couldn’t possibly think of a single reason why anyone would give away someone else’s wedding cake,” she explained.

olegparylyak – illustrative purposes only

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