She Doesn’t Want To Attend Her Dad’s Fourth Wedding Because Children Aren’t Allowed, And She Thinks Her Dad’s Fiancée Is Behind The Rule

Pavlo Melnyk - illustrative purposes only

This 27-year-old woman’s father, who is 73, will be getting married for the fourth time. And honestly, she is not very excited about welcoming her father’s latest fiancée into her family.

But she loves her father, which is why she initially planned to go to the wedding anyway.

However, when she received the wedding invite, it clearly stated that no children were allowed.

Now, she has three kids– two of her children are 7-years-old, and her youngest is 5-years-old. Her sister also has five kids and lives states away. So, she was taken aback that the wedding was child-free.

Her father thought it was fine, though, and initially just wanted her mother to stay back and watch all eight kids at a nearby hotel by herself.

“My sister and I were not comfortable with that,” she recalled.

Regardless, her dad did not stop trying to find other solutions. Just last weekend, at her child’s birthday party, for instance, he asked her in-laws if they would be willing to watch her children that weekend.

But she already lives two hours away from her father’s wedding venue. Plus, her in-laws live an additional two hours away.

“Not to mention, my partner has to work the day after, and we have one vehicle,” she added.

Pavlo Melnyk – illustrative purposes only

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