She Refused To Attend A Celebration Dinner For Her Husband Since She Didn’t Like What Was On The Menu

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Over the last two years, this woman’s husband has hustled to move up within the company he currently works for.

Clearly, all of this hard work paid off because he recently received a promotion that he’d been hoping to get, and she is so happy for him.

When his parents heard the news, they were thrilled and offered to take her and husband out for a celebratory dinner.

“My husband absolutely loves prime rib, and there’s only one place in our area that serves it, so he picked that restaurant. Thing is–I’m not fond of steak. I’ll eat it, but very rarely. I prefer chicken or fish,” she said.

Prior to leaving the house to head to the restaurant, she checked the menu online. At the time, the restaurant was serving a more limited menu.

“The place had only one fish entree and two chicken entrees, and none of them sounded good for various reasons,” she explained.

Since she couldn’t find anything on the menu that she wanted to eat, she asked her husband if he could choose a different restaurant for them to go to that had more options for everyone. But her husband said that he didn’t want to because they almost never have the chance to go to this particular restaurant, and they more often just go to other restaurants. While she acknowledged that this was accurate, she still didn’t want to go to this restaurant since she felt like the menu was too limited.

As a possible solution, her husband asked if she could order fish or chicken but request it to be prepared without any of the marinades or sauces that it normally comes with. But she rejected this idea because she didn’t want to be too picky and cause too much of a hassle for the chef.

Another option her husband came up with is that she just eat dessert at the restaurant while everyone had their dinner, and then afterward, he could take her to a restaurant with options for her, and he and their children could have dessert while she ate her dinner.

kichigin19 – illustrative purposes only

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