She Wants To Tell Her Ex-Husband That He’s No Longer Allowed To See Their Dog

Pixel-Shot - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

This 26-year-old woman and her ex-husband have been separated for nearly a year and a half. They were married for four years, and the entirety of their relationship was unhealthy.

Now that she isn’t with him anymore, she has realized that they never should have been together or gotten married.

She acknowledged that entering into a marriage when she was 22, and he was 26 was such a young age to make a huge decision like that.

Their breakup was rough and filled with drama for well over a year.

But not long after the separation, which she initiated, she met her current boyfriend, and their relationship has been fantastic so far. She noticed that it was essentially the exact opposite of how things were with her ex-husband, and she felt better than ever.

Four years ago, not long before she married her ex, she bought a dog, who is her best friend, who she adores.

“Since my separation, there have been a few times where my ex has dog-sat, mostly because he requests to see her. So, I’d drop her off for the weekend or sometimes a week,” she said.

She’s done this fewer than 12 times, and she has tried to remain empathetic to how painful a breakup can be. She understands that her ex loves the dog and would enjoy spending time with the dog once in a while. So far, she’s allowed him to do so.

Now, she is two and a half months pregnant. Even though she has been willing to bring her dog over to her ex’s, she hasn’t spent time directly with him in ages.

Pixel-Shot – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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