She Wants To Tell Her Ex-Husband That He’s No Longer Allowed To See Their Dog

“When I say this man gives me extreme anxiety, I am not being dramatic. Even the thought of running into him in the grocery store is enough to give me a minor panic attack,” she explained.

Throughout the separation, her anxious thoughts have improved with time. Limiting the amount of time she sees him has helped as well.

Several weeks ago, she had to be in the same room as her ex when they signed the final divorce agreement, and she felt nauseated and was shaking in fear prior to seeing him.

Unfortunately, her ex isn’t emotionally well, and she’s terrified that he’ll go down a dark path once he learns of her pregnancy.

Due to all of this, she’s considering no longer allowing her ex-husband to spend time with her dog.

“I paid to get the dog; I pay for all her food, toys, nail trims, and vet bills,” she shared.

Even when they were married, her ex didn’t pay for anything for her dog besides food. However, throughout their relationship, she was the one making the higher salary, so she always financially contributed the most to take care of her dog.

What would you do if you were in her shoes?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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