She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Ordered Five Main Courses For Her But Then Only Paid For What He Got For Himself

She started playing some music, but it was already looking like this date could not be salvaged. Finally, they arrived at the restaurant and parked the car.

As they were walking toward the restaurant, Cam tried to walk next to him, but he kept speeding up so he could stay a few steps ahead of her.

Then, she noticed a sign saying that the restaurant closed at 10 p.m., and it was already 9:30. Her date approached the hostess stand, stating that he made a reservation for 9:45.

The hostess explained that they didn’t accept reservations past 9:30. He insisted that they did and accused the hostess of lying. Cam was growing more uncomfortable by the second.

At last, the hostess relented and said she would talk to the chef. They sat down at a table, and the hostess gave her an apologetic look as she handed them their menus.

Cam decided to order a drink because she desperately needed one to get through this terrible date. When he asked her what food she planned to order, she pointed to an item on the menu.

But he told her that one dish wasn’t enough and that he wanted to order her a bunch of stuff. When the server came over, he ordered five main courses for her.

While they were eating, he suddenly became agitated. Apparently, a group of guys seated at the table behind them kept staring in their direction, which annoyed him to no end.

Finally, the server brought the bill to them. He told the server that he was only paying for his one drink and main course and that Cam would cover the stuff he had ordered for her. The server’s mouth dropped open in shock.

After paying, they left the restaurant, and she got her car keys back from him. Again, he refused to walk next to her.

When they reached her car, she couldn’t even get in because the seat was so far forward. She moved the seat back, started the car, and blasted the music so she could avoid talking to him.

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