She Went On A Date With A ‘Self-Proclaimed Nice Guy,’ And She Was Terrified He Was Going To Try To Follow Her Home That Night

Julia - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Most so-called nice guys are actually awful. TikToker Mandy (@below.average.mandy) is discussing what happened on the worst date of her life with a “self-proclaimed nice guy.”

Mandy is a single mom, and a few times a month, she has her mom watch her daughter for a night so Mandy can have some time to herself.

Usually, she likes to use those days to catch up on sleep but decided to scroll on Hinge during that particular day since she had the time. She matched with a guy named Kaleb, who asked her to get drinks with him almost right away.

She agreed but made it very clear that she had a daughter and that she didn’t want to be out all night because she still needed to get some sleep.

They met up at a bar near her house. The date was okay, but Mandy got really bad vibes from him. After about an hour and a half, she told him she had to go home and thanked him for the date.

When they walked out to their cars, she gave him a side hug. Then, she got into her car, turned it on, and waited for him to leave because she was terrified that he would follow her home.

After he drove away, she went back inside the bar to wait a little while longer. She explained why she was back to some of the people at the bar.

Shortly upon reentering the bar, Mandy received a few text messages from him, which she posted screenshots of in her videos. First, he stated that she should let him come over to her place.

He also didn’t give her much time to respond before he claimed that she didn’t seem interested in him. In addition, he revealed that he had been waiting for thirty minutes at the gas station down the street, hoping she would change her mind. The bartenders at the bar advised Mandy to stay put until they knew for certain that he was gone.

Julia – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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