She Went On A Disastrous First Date With A Guy That Ended With Him Offering Her $10,000 In Cash To Stay The Night

kiriakosh - illustrative purposes only

Have you ever gone on a first date with someone, and after a while, you realized that staying single would be more enjoyable than going on another date with them?

What did they do to turn you off, and when exactly was the moment you decided that this person did not deserve a second date?

For TikToker @chelz2122, it was when a guy offered her ten thousand dollars to sleep with him after their date. And even before that, he had a lot of other red flags on display.

A couple of years ago, she went on a first date with a guy who was from out of town, so he was staying at a hotel.

They went out to eat, and during the entirety of the meal, he could not stop talking about his ex-girlfriend and her kids and how much money he spent on them.

To her, it was obvious that he was not ready to get into another relationship anytime soon. He had a lot of healing to do before then.

Also, throughout their date, he behaved in a rude, obnoxious manner, which didn’t help her impression of him.

Then, he proceeded to get drunk, so afterward, she escorted him back to his hotel to make sure he was safe. When she tried to leave, he begged her to stay.

At that point, she really wanted to leave so the date could come to an end. She refused to stick around and told him that she needed to get home.

kiriakosh – illustrative purposes only

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