She’s Felt Continuously Disrespected By Her Future In-Laws Ever Since Moving In With Her Fiancé, So She Cancelled The Bridal Shower They Were Planning For Her

Anyway, she received a text from the woman last night saying, “Hello! I need to know exactly who you want to be invited to the bridal shower on Saturday, September 30. I am in charge of invitations. Need the exact count today by midnight. Names and addresses. TODAY!”

Now, she had already sent all of this information to her future sister-in-law, who was supposed to be planning the shower.

Yet, when she tried to tell her fiancé’s aunt that, the woman claimed that her sister-in-law had “washed her hands” of the party.

It’s important to note that she never asked anyone to throw her the bridal shower. Instead, her in-laws took it upon themselves and said they were doing it “out of the kindness of their heart.”

So, she was genuinely moved and appreciative until last night, and she couldn’t believe how rude her fiancé’s aunt was being.

“And after feeling fully disrespected for the last four months, I kinda lost it,” she admitted.

She wound up responding to the text by saying that she had also “washed her hands” of the party. She told her fiancé’s aunt that she would be spending the weekend with people who respect her– because, from the text exchange, she “learned some new things.”

Finally, she told her fiancé’s aunt not to text her again.

Her own mother and aunt will be in town this weekend anyway, so she just plans to spend some time with them.

Nonetheless, ever since basically telling her fiancé’s aunt off, she has felt pretty bad.

“I could have just canceled the bridal shower without sending that text, but on the other side, I need to end the disrespect before I’m married to this man,” she vented.

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