She’s Refusing To Let Her In-Laws Meet Her Newborn Because She Got Wrongfully Accused of Cheating While She Was Pregnant, And Her Mother-In-Law Made Her Take A Paternity Test

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This woman and her husband recently had a baby together. But she’s been refusing to allow her in-laws to meet the baby because of a scandal that picked up steam while she was pregnant.

For context, she is very close to a male coworker who is married. They’ve just been friends for a very long time.

However, a different female coworker was in love with the guy. And since he was married, he rejected the other woman.

Well, her female coworker did not take the rejection well and actually decided to make up some accusations about her male coworker– just to see what would stick.

“One of them was that I was having an affair with him,” she revealed.

This rumor became a very big deal, especially because she was pregnant at the time.

But, her husband thankfully never believed any of the rumors because they truly do love each other.

Her husband’s family, however, is not that fond of her. In fact, after finding out about the scandal, they actually demanded that she get a paternity test for her baby.

“And I refused, but my husband sided with them at the time because he is conflict-avoidant,” she recalled.

Trendsetter Images – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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