Stirling Castle In Scotland Is Said To Be One of The Most Haunted Castles In The World

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If you love historical stories of old, haunted buildings and castles, you should know about the famous Stirling Castle in Scotland.

First recorded in 1110, Stirling Castle in Stirling, Scotland, has seen a lot during the hundreds of years it has been standing.

Surrounded by steep cliffs, it’s been owned and lived in by some significant figures in European history and is now said to be one of the most haunted castles in the world.

The occupants at Stirling Castle changed drastically, especially between the 1200s and the 1300s, due to conflicts between Scotland and England.

After becoming a military office in the 1800s, Stirling Castle was eventually renovated and opened for tours and visits to the public. During the 20th century, people began realizing just how haunted the historical castle was.

Stories of terrifying, mysterious footsteps being heard in the old castle date as far back as 1946, when people could hear the footsteps of what they presumed was a sentry guard who had died a mysterious death in the castle in the 1820s.

There’s also the Green Lady of Stirling Castle, who is thought to be the ghost of a young maid who tragically died on the castle grounds. Every time her spirit has been seen, something terrible happened afterward.

For instance, she was spotted by a chef who was cooking for the soldiers who lived at the castle during its military office days.

After he saw her terrifying spirit, he fainted. There are also stories of fires starting throughout the castle after someone encountered the Green Lady.

sumnersgraphicsinc – illustrative purposes only

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