The Pixie Diffusing Method Will Help Anyone With Curls Dry Their Hair Just Right

Then, you’ll want to turn off the dryer before carefully releasing your hair from the diffuser bowl. Repeat this process with other sections of hair until your hair is almost totally dry.

Next, to add more volume to your hair, you’ll want to flip your hair over from side to side and diffuse near your roots. Then, flip your hair back into its normal position to blow dry the front of your hair. You’ll then want to use your fingers and gently shake out your roots to even things out, but avoid running your fingers all the way through your freshly diffused curls.

Finally, you’ll want to grab your favorite hair oil, apply a few drops to your fingertips, and use them to scrunch your hair all around your head. This will leave your hair extra smooth, shiny, and gorgeous, breaking up any stiff coating your styling products create.

And voilà! You’ve officially diffused your curls with the pixie method. If you have curly hair or feel like your hair may be curlier than you thought, give it a try and see how you like it!


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