The Wedding Industry Is A Large Contributor To Plastic Consumption, And Here’s How You Can Eliminate Single-Use Plastics From Your Wedding Celebration

Rice also isn’t the best because the grains can be harmful to animals. Birdseed would be a great alternative, and you’ll be providing a source of food to the local birds. Everyone wins!

Plastic Straws

Many establishments no longer offer plastic straws. Consider following their lead and banning plastic straws at your party! You can replace them with paper, stainless steel, or silicone straws.

Plastic Favors

Many plastic wedding favors often end up in the trash. Give away something to your guests that can be enjoyed or used long after the event is over. Succulent seed packets, reusable tote bags, or to-go treats will be well-received.

Plastic Bar Cups

Provide your own glassware at your reception venue if the bar serves drinks in plastic cups. You can have the glasses personalized and send them home with guests as wedding favors.

Disposable Plates And Utensils

No wedding would be complete without food, and along with food comes dishes to serve it. Disposable plates and utensils may be easier to deal with, but the waste will add up quickly. Recyclable or reusable products will be much better for the environment.

Water Bottles

Water bottles are the simplest and most convenient way to quench your guests’ thirst, so it can be difficult to figure out how to exclude them. Boxed waters are a more eco-friendly solution that still allows your guests to have water on the go. Or you could fill a large pitcher with water and have people serve themselves.

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