A Guy Invited Her And Another Girl On A First Date To Go Camping With Him, And She Didn’t Turn Him Down

anatoliy_gleb - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

It sucks that we have to put ourselves through awkward, unsettling experiences in our search for love, but that’s just all part of the journey.

TikToker Helena (@mzpopenz) is talking about how a guy invited her and another girl on a first date to go camping with him.

So, she had been driving home from a work function when a message from this guy popped up on her phone.

They had chatted with each other earlier in the year but hadn’t officially met. He had done something super weird, which resulted in her blocking him.

But later on, she decided to give him a second chance. So, he messaged her asking if she wanted to go on a camping trip with him. He told her that he would pick her up because her vehicle wouldn’t be able to handle the terrain.

She immediately thought this was a bad idea, but she still decided to pack a bag and go with him. When they arrived at the campsite, she saw that a bunch of his friends were there as well. They had all known each other for a long time, so it felt pretty awkward for her to be there.

To make matters worse, he had been hanging out with another girl before picking her up. Although the girl was nothing but nice, Helena could tell that the girl felt threatened by her presence, especially since the guy kept ignoring her in favor of Helena.

Helena sipped on a drink to make the situation more bearable. When it came time to discuss sleeping arrangements, he announced that he wanted her to share his tent with him. Helena declared that she was sleeping in a separate tent.

The next morning, she asked him to drive her back home. He and his friends planned to stay at the campsite for another night, but a storm caused them to end their trip early.

anatoliy_gleb – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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