“Coastal Grandma” Isn’t Just A Summer Fad: Here’s How To Incorporate This Aesthetic Into Your Fall Wardrobe With A Few Staple Pieces

leszekglasner - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

One of my favorite fashion trends to come out of the last year is the ‘coastal grandma aesthetic.’

TikTok user Lex Nicoleta (@lexnicoleta) first coined the trend on TikTok, where she described this kind of style and specifically referred to the kind of women you see in a Nancy Meyers movie.

Think about Diane Keaton in the 2003 Nancy Meyers movie “Something’s Gotta Give.” She’s an elegant woman who lives near the beach, sports flowy beige outfits and sun hats, loves a good glass of wine, and hangs out in the sand.

All of these traits fall under the coastal grandmother aesthetic. And no, you do not have to be a grandmother to participate in the coastal grandmother trend. 

If you need more help picturing this aesthetic, think of a woman who lives linen, dinner parties, Ina Garten, buys fresh cut hydrangeas for her living room, loves earth tones and the color blue, and lives in an idyllic beach house. That’s the kind of vibe we’re looking at here.

While the coastal grandmother aesthetic is often associated with the summer, there are ways to keep the vibe, fashion, and spirit alive in the fall!

Here are some pieces you can wear to help channel your coastal grandmother fall look.

Puffer vests

These are a big part of the coastal grandmother look, and one of the best parts about them is that they’re so versatile. When paired with a turtle neck and a cute skirt or your favorite pair of jeans, a puffer vest is perfect for giving cute coastal grandmother vibes.

leszekglasner – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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