Haven’t Been Asked The Big Question Yet? Here’s How To Keep Your Cool If Your Boyfriend Still Hasn’t Proposed

leszekglasner - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Many women find themselves stressed out when they’re in long-term relationships and have a pretty good feeling they’re going to get engaged, but it hasn’t happened yet.

It’s an odd middle space to be in, with friends and family asking, “When is he gonna pop the question?” and talking more and more about getting married with your partner.

However, you don’t want to get too worked up over waiting to get proposed to, so here are some tips for how to relax during this exciting yet nerve-wracking waiting period.

Remember, it’s out of your control.

Other than discussing your future plans to get married to your boyfriend, following through with a traditional proposal is in his hands. Remember that it is out of your control when he decides to pop the question, so just try to relax. Let him do things his way, and try not to put any pressure on him or micro-manage.

Try not to bring it up too often.

While friends and family may want to talk about when your partner will propose, all this chit-chat can only make you more nervous and pile on the pressure. Do your best to stay cool and let your loved ones know you’re trying to stay present and not focus too much on the future. 

Enjoy what you have now.

Stop trying to rush things by focusing on your potential upcoming engagement. If you’re in a long-term relationship and love each other enough to consider marriage, that’s a pretty beautiful thing, right? Therefore, you should enjoy where your relationship is now instead of making yourself all worked up over the future.

leszekglasner – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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