He Ruined His Roommate’s Romantic Dinner, And Now His Roommate Is Accusing Him Of Being Jealous Of His Relationship

Photo 165395966 - © Boggy - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This guy has a roommate named Greg, and a couple of weeks ago, Greg started dating a girl named Lisa.

Greg fell for Lisa fast, and he is completely in love with her. Greg talks about Lisa nonstop, and he plays songs for her on his guitar.

Then, Greg said to him that he was planning out a romantic dinner for Lisa that they could have at the apartment, so he wanted him to not really be floating around that night.

He told Greg it’s not a big deal, he could make sure he went to a friend’s place to hang out so he and Lisa could have some space.

Unfortunately, the plans he made got canceled, so he was stuck at home when Greg and Lisa had their romantic dinner.

He mainly stayed in his room to not ruin the mood for Greg and Lisa, but then, at some point, he wanted to get something to eat from their kitchen.

He quietly made his way to the kitchen, but he ended up knocking a jar of spaghetti sauce all over the floor.

Glass and sauce went everywhere, and he made quite a noise as he made the mess.

“Greg and Lisa rushed in, and the look on their faces was a mix of shock and horror. The romantic ambiance was ruined, and there I was, in the middle of the mess, holding a half-eaten sandwich,” he explained.

Photo 165395966 – © Boggy – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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