Her Dad Only Ever Orders Takeout When She’s At Her Mom’s House, And It’s Making Her Feel Left Out And Like Her Dad Favors Her Half-Brothers

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This 15-year-old girl’s parents are divorced.

She alternates which of her parents she stays with each week.

Her father had two other children with another woman, and her half-brothers are 10 and 9 years old.

Over the last two months, her father ordered delivery on seven different occasions.

They share a delivery app account, so she can see his past orders, and she receives a notification whenever he orders food.

Also, she wonders if he’s also picked up food or gone out to eat a few times with her half-brothers or if he’s ordered food from another app or through restaurants directly.

“Not a single one of these seven orders has been during my week at his house. In the last year, he’s ordered similarly high amounts of food, but I’ve had it at his once. He says that it’s just a coincidence. When I’ve asked him if we could have something ordered or eat out during my week at his, he just tells me that I’m free to make something from what’s in the fridge and to stop acting like he’s made of money,” she said.

While her father and stepmother aren’t wealthy, their salaries are quite a bit higher than the average in the area they live in.

Her mother never orders food, is a big fan of eating healthy, and makes her meals for her when she stays at her house.

Jenifoto – – illustrative purposes only

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