Her Wedding Is Less Than A Week Away, But She Doesn’t Want Her Brother-In-Law To Be A Groomsman Anymore Because He Still Hasn’t Gotten The Right Suit

“I don’t even have his measurements, or we would try to get it for him. My issue is [that] I am absolutely livid. This is the only thing that I have gotten upset about, and I feel genuinely disrespected and like Drew doesn’t care at all about his brother’s wedding. If he doesn’t get the correct suit, I don’t want him standing up with us.”

While Aaron is also very upset and feels like his older brother doesn’t care about his wedding, he’s been acting as if the suit issue is no big deal and never expressed how he really feels to Drew. Aaron looked back at his texts and realized he and his parents had sent over seven reminders to Drew about his suit over the last few months.

Now, she’s unsure of what to do, as she doesn’t want Drew standing as a groomsman in a careless, mismatching suit, but she also doesn’t want to upset Aaron’s family by asking Drew to step down from being a groomsman.

Should she encourage Aaron to drop Drew as a groomsman or let Drew stay in the wedding party in the wrong suit?

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