She Offered To Pay For Her Niece’s Horseback Riding Lessons, But Her Stepsister Accused Her Of “Throwing Money Around” To Try And Buy Her Niece’s Affection

However, Lindsay was furious with this generous offer.

“She accused me of throwing money around to buy her daughter’s affection and humiliate her. She said I shouldn’t make her choose between taking an opportunity away from her daughter or feeling like dirt compared to me, ‘like always,’ because I steal everything away from her,” she shared.

Then, Lindsay added that she thought it was horrible that she wasn’t a part of Shiv’s life for so many years while she was having a difficult time taking care of her, but now she has come into Shiv’s life to try to become Shiv’s favorite person.

From her perspective, none of this is accurate, and she thinks Lindsay is greatly misinterpreting her reasons for offering to fund Shiv’s riding lessons. But at the same time, she’s concerned that maybe she was out of line to make the offer in the first place.

Do you think she was wrong for offering to pay for Shiv’s riding lessons?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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