She Wants To Leave A Portion Of Her Lofty Inheritance To Her Sister’s Kids Instead Of Her Nieces And Nephews, But Her Husband Thinks It’s Unfair For His Side Of The Family To Be Excluded

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Figuring out what to do with an inheritance and mapping out wills and estates is all very stressful stuff, especially when you’re doing it with family members who disagree with you.

One woman is unsure what to do after her husband became upset when she told him she’d like to give a portion of her inheritance money to her sister’s children instead of his nieces and nephews.

She’s 31 years old and married to her husband, who’s 33. When they married, they signed a prenuptial agreement, which she mostly wanted because her family owns some fairly successful companies. She wanted to keep her share of the family business within her family if they were to divorce or she passed away.

She and her husband don’t have any kids and aren’t sure if they’ll ever have them. However, they’re very close with her sister’s twin boys. Her husband has three nephews and two nieces, but she’s not very close with his side of the family.

She recently came into a large amount of money after her grandmother passed away, which prompted her and her husband to work on their wills and make sure they had everything in order in case of emergency.

“I mentioned that, even though we have a prenup, I’d like to try to find a way for him to get as much as possible,” she said.

“Then I mentioned [that] if we don’t have kids, I would also like a chunk to go to my sister’s boys and any other children she may have for college or a house. He became very standoffish and asked about his side, mentioning it wouldn’t be exactly fair to not leave any of the inheritance to them. I said I understood where he’s coming from, but we aren’t close with them, and this money was given to my family.”

Although she told her husband he’d receive 80% to 90% of her money, which he could do what he pleased with, she really wants to give some to her nephews.

“He is welcome to do with that money or the money from the inheritance, minus the small amount I’d like to keep for my sister’s kids, as he sees fit once I’m gone,” she explained.

Photo 35861255 – © Ammentorp – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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