Some Strange Woman Knocked On Her Front Door And Demanded That She Allow Her To Pick Apples From The Tree In Her Backyard

Janelle - - illustrative purposes only

This woman is a single mom who works from home, and yesterday, a strange woman started knocking on her front door.

She did end up answering the door, even though she was in the middle of a video call for work that she was helping lead.

This woman had been ringing her doorbell nonstop as well as knocking, so that’s why she got up to see what she wanted.

“The woman told me she was driving by my house and could see my large apple tree in my backyard filled with big apples,” she explained.

“She then asked if she could come into my backyard to pick them for herself to take home. I explained that it wasn’t a good time as I was working. She dismissed my words and further said she wouldn’t bother me, but she wanted me to let her into my back gate that was locked, and she could pick the apples (for herself to make jam) while I worked.”

“I felt she was being pushy and not listening to me, so I told her again, no, it wasn’t a good time. Again, she proceeded to interrupt my words and tells me she was driving by randomly, so she might not be on my side of town again, so it worked best for her to pick them now.”

She was concerned about getting back to her meeting, and she also was getting annoyed with the woman, so she told her she could pick the apples if she handed her $50.

She only said this to either placate the woman or make her leave, but the woman wound up getting extremely angry at her.

The woman started yelling at her that she should let her have the apples for free since there’s no way she can eat them all by herself, and they will just go to waste.

Janelle – – illustrative purposes only

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