The Guy She’s Dating Took His Ex To A Very Personal Medical Appointment

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This 27-year-old woman has been dating a guy the same age as her for the last four months, and she knows it’s kind of sudden to be doing this, but she basically sleeps over at his house every single evening.

She thinks things are really serious between them, and she even introduced him to her parents already.

Now, before she started dating this guy, he ended up splitting up with his ex-girlfriend approximately 7 months back.

The night her boyfriend dumped his ex was terrible. His ex had too much to drink and hit him in the face, so she really is at a loss as to why he is still in contact with this girl, yet he is.

“He says that it was a decision he had to make because she was not mentally well, and the relationship was very toxic,” she explained.

“He says that she is still texting him, and she wants to get back together, but apparently, she has BPD and has not been doing well since the breakup.”

“I was feeling sorry for her, of course, but I am also not happy that he is still replying to her and being friends with her.”

Well, a day ago, she discovered that her boyfriend accompanied his ex-girlfriend to an extremely personal medical appointment.

She is failing to see how it was appropriate for her boyfriend to go, too, especially considering the delicate nature of the appointment itself.

neonshot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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