Her Friend Asked Her To Be A Bridesmaid And Told Her To Wear White, But It Was All A Mean Plan To Make Her Look Like She Was In Love With The Groom

“It was love at first sight for her. She interrogated me about him, and I informed her of our history. She seemed pretty upset about the fact that we had hooked up, but I assured her that there was absolutely nothing romantic there and that she had my blessing to pursue him,” she said.

After that, Bella made a move, and she and Barrett started hanging out and eventually began dating. Bella was thrilled, and she was thrilled to see Bella’s joy.

Following graduation, she accepted a job offer that was six hours away from home. Not long afterward, Barrett relocated so that he and Bella could live together in her hometown.

In the beginning, she traveled to visit them on a regular basis, but as time went on, things were more hectic, and they only got together once a year over the holidays.

Last year, for Christmas, her family hosted a party on Christmas Eve, and she invited Barrett and Bella.

At the party, Barrett proposed to Bella. The proposal was incredibly romantic and sweet, and everyone at the party was overjoyed for the two of them.

Once they were engaged, Bella talked exclusively about wedding planning, so she had a blast helping Bella think of cool ideas.

Throughout the following several months, she assumed that Bella would ask her to be the Maid of Honor, especially because Bella had talked about this not long after Barrett proposed.

However, Bella never asked her. Then, Bella stopped answering her phone calls.

When she received the Save the Date in the mail after still not hearing anything from Bella, she was finally able to get in touch with Bella to ask her what was going on.

Bella told her that because of the distance, she decided not to have her in the wedding party at all. As Bella thought through the logistics, she came to the conclusion that it would be too complicated as far as organizing bridal events.

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