Her Husband Agreed To Ask The Men In His Family To Help Clean Up After Thanksgiving Since All Of The Women Cooked, But He Went Back On His Word, And She Was Furious

Photo 162842715 © Alexander Raths - - illustrative purposes only

This 42-year-old woman and her husband, who is 37, were both invited to her sister-in-law’s house to celebrate Thanksgiving. And since she loves to both entertain and cook, she volunteered to prepare a lot of food.

Some other people in her husband’s family brought food, too. However, she cooked for an entire two days straight.

That’s why, on the morning of the holiday, she decided to talk to her husband and suggest that he rally all of the men together to help clean the kitchen after Thanksgiving dinner.

“Since literally, only the women were the ones who cooked and prepared everything,” she explained.

“Divide and conquer, if you will.”

Well, her husband agreed with that, and Thanksgiving started off without a hitch. They all enjoyed a great dinner together, and after the meal, the entire family sat around– drinking coffee and catching up. She was having a great time, too.

However, all of the men eventually moved to the living room to watch some football. At the same time, all of the women in her family started helping her sister-in-law clean up the kitchen.

It’s not like the men weren’t aware of this, either, since the kitchen was actually connected to the living room. So, she knew that the men just opted not to help out, and it really ticked her off.

That’s why, on the way home from Thanksgiving, she confronted her husband and asked why he didn’t lend a hand.

Photo 162842715 © Alexander Raths – – illustrative purposes only

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