His Ex-Wife Bought His Daughter A Pet Rat Despite Knowing About His Girlfriend’s Phobia, So He Doesn’t Want The Pet At His House, And His Daughter Is Refusing To Come Over Until The Rat’s Allowed Or His Girlfriend Moves Out

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This 45-year-old guy and his girlfriend, who is also 45, have been together for two years, and they recently moved in together.

He also has a 40-year-old ex-wife and shares custody of his two kids– a 16-year-old son and a 15-year-old daughter– with her.

“Everything is great, and my girlfriend gets along very well with my children– at least my son,” he said.

But, there is just one major issue: his girlfriend has a severe phobia of rodents, including mice, rats, and squirrels.

Apparently, everyone in the family knows about her phobia, and some people laugh about it. However, he claimed that it was a serious issue for his girlfriend. In fact, she cannot even look at a photo of a rodent without starting to hyperventilate!

Despite that, his ex-wife still gifted his daughter a pet rat as a gift for her fifteenth birthday. And when his daughter brought the pet over to his home, his girlfriend absolutely freaked out.

She was actually so afraid that she fled the apartment immediately without even realizing that she didn’t have a coat or shoes on!

“And I got upset with my daughter because she knows about my girlfriend’s fear,” he recalled.

So, he told his daughter to just leave the rat at his ex-wife’s house moving forward instead of bringing it to his house when she came over. But his daughter just became really upset by that and began screaming at him– accusing both him and his girlfriend of being “ridiculous.”

Photo 33172653 © Ldprod – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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