His Wife Freaked Out On Him When She Found Out That He’s Been Buying Their Son Non-Vegan Food Behind Her Back

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This 32-year-old man and his 33-year-old wife have been married for 8 years, and together, they have a son who is 12.

Around 6 years back, his wife made a decision to go completely vegan after watching a documentary.

Ever since she has been convinced that non-vegan food is “revolting,” and she will not eat it at all.

He had a lengthy conversation with his wife, and after that, he said he would go vegetarian, but that within their home and around her, he would eat vegan.

“She also decided our son should be vegan, which, after seeing a dietician, I also agreed with,” he explained.

“Things have been fine with this arrangement until a few months ago when I began finding wrappers from non-vegan candy and even burgers from McDonald’s in my son’s school bag, which he had been buying with chore money.”

“I had a conversation with my son, and he confessed he felt lonely and excluded eating vegan around his friends and that they always had much better candy than he did, and it wasn’t fair.”

He didn’t want his son to throw out the vegan snacks they bought him, and he also didn’t want his son spending his hard-earned money on food.

But he also is completely aware of his wife’s position on food that isn’t vegan. So, he took it upon himself to buy his son non-vegan food behind his wife’s back.

beats_ – – illustrative purposes only

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