His Wife Is Refusing To Host His Brother And His Brother’s Girlfriend For Thanksgiving Because She Finds The 20-Year Age Gap In His Brother’s Relationship “Gross” 

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This guy and his wife are currently in their mid-thirties; meanwhile, his brother is in his late forties.

But he and his brother both work in the same field, and they attend conferences together quite regularly. Plus, since his brother is an executive, he values his brother’s career advice because he’s trying to move up to a management position.

“We also share some of the same hobbies, so basically, we spend a lot of time together and are very close,” he said.

However, his wife has never loved his brother. And now, ever since his brother began dating a younger woman, his wife’s opinion has only become more sour.

For some context, his brother was never the “relationship type” and mainly focused on his career. That was until he met his current girlfriend, though, who is in her late twenties.

His wife doesn’t approve of his brother’s relationship, either, and thinks that the 20-year age gap is “gross.” He, on the other hand, doesn’t think it’s a big deal.

“I don’t see a problem with it since my brother’s girlfriend is an adult, has a career, owns her home, and is fully aware of their age difference. So, she’s making a conscious choice to be with him,” he reasoned.

Regardless, he and his wife have had pretty heated discussions about his brother’s relationship. More recently, they even got into a massive argument centered around Thanksgiving.

This year, he and his wife will be hosting the holiday for their family. But apparently, his wife decided to “put her foot down” and refused to invite his brother or his brother’s girlfriend!

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