Now That She’s Divorcing Her Husband, He’s Finally Working On Himself In Therapy, Which Proves He Never Thought She Was Worth It

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A year ago, this woman got married to her husband, but sadly, throughout half of their marriage, her husband was nothing but awful to her.

He would constantly criticize her, expect her to maintain absolutely impossible standards, and treat all of his friends better than he treated her.

He only showed her affection in front of people and wouldn’t do things around their house until she spent weeks nagging him.

She and her husband did attempt counseling together, which she really fought for. She had to schedule and pay for all of their appointments, but she thought it was worth it.

While in therapy, she learned all about how she wasn’t meeting her husband’s needs as a wife, but if she tried to discuss things she was unhappy with, she would leave the session feeling like she wasn’t heard at all.

All of this has resulted in her no longer trusting therapists, as she has been to a ton, and they never really helped her.

But, still on the topic of therapy, she begged and pleaded with her husband to see a therapist by himself, but he never agreed.

“Well, now that he’s hurt me beyond my ability to forgive (he took the woman he told me “not to worry about” on an emotionally significant trip) and we’ve separated, he’s at…therapy,” she explained.

“He’s being cooperative in the divorce. He’s definitely not trying to get me back. It’s just like…why wasn’t our marriage worth any of that? I know I wasn’t a perfect wife…I got a different set of IKEA curtains than what we had agreed upon, I’d only do 3 out of the 4 tasks I said I’d do… but isn’t that human?”

gstockstudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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