She And Her Husband Originally Planned To Have Her Mother-In-Law Move In After They Bought A House, But Now That She’s Pregnant, She’s Starting To Change Her Mind

AnastasiaKharichkina - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Back when this woman and her husband first purchased their home, they intended to bring her mother-in-law to live with them as well.

However, at the time, her mother-in-law claimed that she wanted to wait a bit before moving in. So, it didn’t happen right away.

Since then, she has also become pregnant with her and her husband’s first baby. And now, she’s not too sure if she actually wants her mother-in-law to move in anymore.

She has begun to reassess how she wants their new family dynamic to be structured during her baby’s first few years of life, and she’s realized that she would prefer to spend the first couple of years as a close family unit with just her husband and their baby.

“Without constant influence from another mother figure, especially because I’m concerned about divergent parenting strategies and the harm that will cause our relationship,” she added.

It’s also crucial to note that when they originally discussed the idea of her mother-in-law living with them, the idea was that it would be a sort of financial assistance.

Prior to purchasing their home, she and her husband had no clue what their finances would look like after having a child.

So, her mother-in-law proposed moving in to help them with childcare when the time came, ultimately saving them money on daycares or babysitters.

Yet, her mother-in-law did not want to just help out for free. Instead, her mother-in-law claimed that she didn’t want to be a full-time caregiver. Plus, she and her husband were also going to be expected to pay her mother-in-law a weekly childcare rate regardless.

AnastasiaKharichkina – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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