She Can No Longer Attend Her Friend’s Bachelorette Party Because She’s Pregnant, But Her Friend Still Expects Her To Pay The $500 Fee Anyway

Dragica - - illustrative purposes only

This 30-year-old woman is from England, and her friend, who is 28, will be tying the knot in June of next year. So, about a year ago, she was asked to be a bridesmaid, and she excitedly accepted the invitation.

However, just two months ago, she found out that she was pregnant and her baby was due in early May 2024– which is just two weeks before her friend’s bachelorette party is supposed to take place.

After realizing she was expecting, she waited the usual 12 weeks before telling her friend the news.

“And I explained I may not feel comfortable going to the bachelorette party, and my friend understood,” she recalled.

But then, the very next day, she received a text message in her friend’s bachelorette group chat talking about finalizing each attendee’s payment for the party– which was about $500 each.

At that point, she texted the bride and asked if they had informed the maid of honor that she wasn’t going or if her friend wanted to tell the maid of honor, who was her friend’s sister, to avoid any issues.

Well, her friend wound up claiming to have told the maid of honor already that she wouldn’t be attending. Nonetheless, her friend told her that it was “unfortunately” too late to cancel her arrangments, so she would still be expected to pay the $500.

Now, she was caught off guard by that and told her friend that she simply wouldn’t pay that hefty bill.

“As I am expecting a baby and am already in a tight financial situation due to the cost of living crisis in England,” she explained.

Dragica – – illustrative purposes only

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