She Gave Her Best Friend Some Of Her Inheritance, So When She Asked For More Money, She Blew Up On Her And Said She Can’t Care For Her Child Without Handouts

Photo 183633177 © Diana Eller - - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

For several years, this 31-year-old woman has been close to her 26-year-old best friend, Jill, and they have experienced a lot of highs and lows in their friendship.

Three years ago, Jill and her husband welcomed a child into the world, and she adores all three of them.

She truly would do anything for Jill, Jill’s husband, and Jill’s child. Right now, Jill is trying to have another baby, as this is something she really wants.

“Jill and her husband struggle financially,” she explained. “In a very big way. Every month, they are asking people for money to cover rent or their other bills, but then constantly order out or indulge in their habits when they have “spare money.” I have helped them several times as well, as I don’t want to see them be evicted.”

“About 6 months ago, I came into an inheritance when my great aunt passed away. It wasn’t much, but enough for me to have a nice starter retirement fund and some money for an upcoming vacation for my husband and me.”

“Jill asked me if I could help her, and I ended up giving her a somewhat large amount of money (more than just a couple hundred dollars, but nothing crazy) so she could keep caught up on bills for a couple of months. However, she ended up spending it all and saving none of it.”

Well, yesterday, Jill called her up and asked if she could give her more money to spend on groceries.

She mentioned to Jill that she had already given her a lot of money and help, so she said she wouldn’t be giving more money to her at this point.

She did say to Jill that she was happy to purchase some groceries for her if that’s what she really needed.

Photo 183633177 © Diana Eller – – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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