She Was Tricked Into Going On A Date With A Guy Who Pretended That He Was Throwing A House Party, But It Wound Up Being Just Them At His House Awkwardly Hanging Out For Hours

Jessi had told her mom to pick her up at eleven o’clock. They lived forty minutes away from Gage’s house, so she didn’t want to make her mom drive all the way back so soon. That meant she was stuck there until eleven. She ended up swimming with Gage and his brothers for about an hour. The whole time, his mom was outside taking pictures of them.

After they were done swimming, he led her down to his bedroom, which was in the basement. When they got to his room, he turned off the lights, closed the curtains, and locked the door. Immediately, she turned around and opened the door, stating that she wanted to leave it open.

He reluctantly agreed. For two hours, she sat on his bed and watched him play video games. He also had three of his guy friends come over when he realized he wouldn’t be getting any action. She never hung out with him again after that.

A couple of years later, she ran into him at a graduation ceremony. It was a very awkward interaction for her, but he seemed excited to see her again. When she got home, he messaged her, inviting her to hang out with him. Of course, she declined, which made him so mad that he ended up blocking her. To this day, he still has her blocked.


bro still has me blocked to this day

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