He And His Boyfriend Decided To Take Back The Expensive Christmas Gifts They Bought After His Younger Relatives Made Really Rude Remarks About His Boyfriend - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

If you spent a lot of money to get someone a nice Christmas gift, and then they were rude to you before opening it, would you be tempted to take it back?

One man and his boyfriend decided to take back the expensive gifts they got for his younger relatives after they made rude comments about their orientation and refused to apologize.

He’s 31 and has a long-term boyfriend who’s 30-years-old. He has a big family comprising eight cousins and around 20 nieces and nephews. His boyfriend hasn’t had any contact with his own family for over a decade, so he’s been spending the holidays with him and his family since before they started dating.

Since he and his boyfriend both work high-paying jobs, they like to splurge on holiday gifts, especially the ones for his younger cousins, nieces, and nephews. 

This year, they had an early Christmas celebration since they couldn’t see everyone around the actual holiday.

“It was held at me and my boyfriend’s new house [and it was] the first family event we’ve had here,” he explained.

“My boyfriend really wanted to take part in the gift giving, so he went all out with gifts, spending an average of 100 dollars per person. He was so excited to give everyone their presents since we spent not only [a lot of] money but also a lot of time picking everything for everyone.”

Their Christmas celebration started off really nice, with everyone having a good time and getting along. But then, the vibe changed when he and his boyfriend overheard some of his relatives making fun of his boyfriend. 

His teenage cousin and niece called his boyfriend “too gay to function,” which he tried shaking off because he knew it was a funny quote from the movie “Mean Girls.” But then, things got worse. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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