Her Boyfriend Proposed To Her With The $20,000 Engagement Ring He Purchased For His Ex

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This 29-year-old woman has a boyfriend who is 35, and from the start of their relationship, she has always known about the $20,000 engagement ring he purchased for his ex, yet never got the chance to use.

Her boyfriend revealed to her that he was attempting to sell the ring, and she also tried to assist him in getting it sold.

However, the ring never ended up moving, as you only get a small fraction of the purchase price back.

Since her boyfriend was certainly not going to recover the $20,00 he invested, the ring has remained with her boyfriend throughout the time that they have been together.

Two days ago, she and her boyfriend went on a vacation, and she was absolutely shocked when he whipped out the engagement ring he purchased for his ex and proposed to her.

She was upset and she was taken aback, but her boyfriend was able to convince her that the only thing that mattered was the woman the ring was going to be worn by.

So, she accepted his proposal and put on the ring, which did not even fit her, as her boyfriend wasn’t thoughtful enough to resize it.

Now, her boyfriend lives pretty luxuriously, though he did recently accept a pay cut along with a new job, so she can kind of see why he wanted to pinch pennies and reuse the engagement ring on her.

“A little background about the trip: we split the trip; I did not expect to be proposed [to], and I know that when he planned to propose to his ex, he even booked a weeklong 5-star resort vacation at a tropical island—I knew this because early on in the relationship he invited me to go on the trip with him but later on I found out that he had this ring, I put two and two together, which he confirmed the trip was supposed to be when he propose to his ex),” she explained.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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