Her Boyfriend Said She Needs To Lose Weight If She Wants Him To Propose

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For several years now, this 23-year-old girl has been dating her 25-year-old boyfriend. Back when she first met him, she was around a size 14, while her boyfriend was super fit.

He also is incredibly handsome and has an excellent job, which also made her attracted to him from the beginning.

They’re pretty much exact opposites in regard to their personalities, and she’s very shy and reserved, while he isn’t.

“I have to admit that I pursued him for years before he gave me any reasonable interest, did everything I could to serve him and support him in all his endeavors, from him finishing his degree, getting an excellent job, and buying a house,” she explained.

“I’ve been there with him through thick and thin, but…he always made my weight a major issue. He would really torment me about it, and part of the reason he refused to put any label on our relationship for years was because of it. Eventually, I lost a ton of weight.”

It took her a year and a half, and she got down to a size 6. She’s really done everything possible to live up to all of her boyfriend’s requirements and demands, but it’s still not nearly enough for him.

Her boyfriend constantly picks on her about her weight and says she needs to lose more fat, even though she’s 158 pounds.

Not too long ago, her boyfriend actually revealed to her that she has to lose more weight if she wants him to propose to her. She’s trying her hardest to lose more weight, but it’s just not happening.

“He’s made comparisons with my mum’s size, that he never wants me to get to that size in the future, and I have to make a vow to him to ensure that,” she said.

Home-stock – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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