Her Stepsister’s Furious That She Didn’t Push Her Son To Accept His Stepsiblings As Family

Photo 77009438 © Viktoriya Chudinova - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It’s no secret that step-sibling relationships can be complicated, and not everyone has an easy time adjusting to them.

One woman recently gave her stepsister’s son some advice on having a step-sibling that she did not approve of.

She’s 26-years-old and lost her dad when she was seven. Two years later, her mom remarried her stepdad, who had a daughter from a previous marriage five years older than her.

“We had very different experiences with the whole blending of the families,’ she explained.

“I didn’t really want it to happen and wasn’t exactly looking to make them my new dad and sister. They never really became that, but I have accepted that they are family. With my stepsister, her mom chose not to be in her life, and she always longed for a family where she had a mom and maybe some siblings.”

Since she and her stepsister always had different views of their family, they never deeply bonded. However, as the years passed, things remained amicable, and they stayed in touch. 

When her stepsister was 20, she married and had a son. Unfortunately, her husband passed away two years ago. Her stepsister’s son is currently 9-years-old. Now, her stepsister has met a new man with three young kids from a previous marriage.

While her stepsister wants this new man to move in with them, her son isn’t very enthusiastic about it and hasn’t been bonding with his kids.

“So, she decided I needed to talk to him as someone who also lost [their] dad,” she recalled.

Photo 77009438 © Viktoriya Chudinova – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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