Her Youngest Daughter Started Crying When She Explained Why Her Big Sister Doesn’t Like Her

Alex Vog - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This mom has two teen girls; her oldest is 17, while her youngest is 14. Her oldest, Sam, does not like her little sister in the least.

Things have gotten so bad that she knows there is absolutely nothing she can do to get Sam to like her little sister.

It does make her sad to know this, but she is aware of the exact reason why Sam dislikes her sister.

Her youngest copies every single thing that Sam does, and she’s so overbearing about it that Sam gets no space.

“At this point, she is a mini Sam, and I know Sam hates it,” she explained. “It also doesn’t help that my youngest doesn’t have a large friend group, so she is bothering Sam at school.”

“The biggest thing this year was her copying the electives Sam was taking, and now they have one class together. It’s a problem, and the relationship is getting worse.”

“I have talked to my youngest and even make her stay away at home, but I can’t stop her at school.”

Now, Sam does have an excellent relationship with her and with her husband as well, who is Sam’s father.

It’s only her youngest daughter that Sam doesn’t appreciate in their family, and Sam has made it abundantly clear to them all.

Alex Vog – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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