He’s Being Called Awful For Not Agreeing To Pay $54,000 A Year To Send His Girlfriend’s Kids To Private School

Yury - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

For just over a year now, this 36-year-old man has been dating his 32-year-old girlfriend. His girlfriend does have two sons from a previous relationship, who are 7 and 9. He also has a son from another relationship who is 12.

His son and his girlfriend’s sons all currently attend the exact same private school. The father of his girlfriend’s kids pays $27,000 a year for each of the kids to go to the school.

So, all in, it costs $54,000 a year in tuition for his girlfriend’s two sons. Unfortunately, the father of his girlfriend’s kids is in a bad spot financially, which means he can no longer come up with the money to send the boys to private school.

“He’s currently in the middle of bankruptcy after his company went under,” he explained. “He’s completely broke right now and can’t even make child support.”

“My girlfriend has a job but doesn’t make anywhere near enough to pay for the kids’ tuition. The other night she asked me if I could pay for it, and it would mean a lot to her and her kids.”

“She said that she didn’t want to send her kids to public school because then they would have to make new friends. She said it would be embarrassing for her if she withdrew her kids from private school. I told her straight up, no, I’m not paying for them to go to private.”

He pointed out to his girlfriend that he attended public school, and he came out just fine because of it.

His girlfriend then wanted to know why he didn’t choose to send his son to public school. He informed her it is actually none of her concern where he chooses to send his son for an education.

Then, his girlfriend burst into tears, and he kept telling his girlfriend no to coming up with the private school tuition.

Yury – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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